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Outdoor Dating Heaven


Now the weather is improving and more hours of daylight are on the on the way, the opportunities for outdoor dates are endless.

Picnic Dates

First Dates

In the colder, wetter months of winter, the decision about where to meet for a first date can be challenging. Sure, there’s still the option of a coffee shop but somehow they seem to be overheated and packed with people in damp coats and carrying obtrusive umbrellas. So, thank goodness for the lighter, brighter days of spring when an outdoor date at a public park or botanical gardens becomes not just possible, but positively pleasurable. And what more inspirational sights, and sounds can there be for new lovers than the delicate buds of spring flowers bursting into life and the calls of nesting birds, after a dormant winter?

Sporty Dates

If you prefer your outdoors a little faster than a stroll in the park and you have a sporty partner to keep up, then spring also heralds the return of outdoor pursuits of various kinds. Football matches, mountain biking, and camping all become instantly healthier and happier in the sunshine. Getting out of the gym for some outdoor exercise with a loved one is the perfect cardio work-out for sporty types with a spring in their step, or a great opportunity to meet singles with some get up and go.

Don’t forget, the ultimate sporty date for UK singles in 2012 has got to be the London Olympics. So, if you haven’t already picked up a couple of tickets for you and a partner, organise this before spring and summer pass you by. It will be a memory to treasure together.

Picnic Dates

The arrival of spring is also good news for foodies who have not had a decent gastronomic workout since Christmas. The lighter days of spring bring with them seasonal changes and lighter flavours in food. So pack a basket for two and spread a rug in the warm spring sunshine to enjoy fresh asparagus fingers, spring onions, and a fantastic range of seasonal shellfish.

Boating dates

boating dates

The UK boating calendar starts shortly after Valentine’s Day with the Boating, Caravan and Outdoor Show at the NEC in Birmingham, and continues throughout the summer. Happily the UK offers some of the most diverse and exciting boating opportunities in the UK, from luxury yachting off the Isle of Wight to sea kayaking off the Isles of Scotland. For something in between it’s back to Birmingham for a relaxing cruise on a narrow boat, either for the day or for a short break.

Birmingham dating sites are no doubt full of singles who have always wanted to try their hand at the helm of a narrow boat on the Worcester and Birmingham canal, so why don’t you team up for an outdoor date to remember?

This article is a guest post by John who is a friend of the site. If you would be interested in writing a guest post please feel free to contact me.

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