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MyDatingChemistry » New OKCupid A-List Features

New OKCupid A-List Features


The OKCupid team is back from buying Ferrari’s, liquid-cooled multi-core webservers, big sunglasses and whatever else one does after earning a $50 million windfall.

Never one’s to sit on their laurels for long, the OKCupid A-list freemium feature has received a substantial upgrade. I’m not totally clear which are new features and which were existing but here’s what I see.

Browse anonymously and see visitors.
Hide A-List status.
Change your username (Username change only lasts while you pay).
Profile exposure options.
And of course you can now choose the metric system for measurements. Is that really an A-List feature? It’s difficult to tell from the settings dashboard.

To be a member of the A-List used to cost $9.95 per month. People are saying the new price is $4.95. Screenshots below.

New OKCupid A-List Features-3

New OKCupid A-List FeaturesNew OKCupid A-List Features-2

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