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MyDatingChemistry » Single Edition Media Connects Brands With Singles

Single Edition Media Connects Brands With Singles


Single Edition MediaA few years ago I was in New York City visiting friends, clients and family. After a long day of meetings with clients, visiting OkCupid and a few other dating site offices, I was thirsty and in need of good company.

Thankfully, I ended up meeting Sherri Langburt for a glass wine wine at a fantastic bistro on the upper west side of Manhattan. Sheri is the founder of Single Edition.

Single Edition is the premier lifestyle destination for singles: women and men of all ages who have never been married as well as those who are divorced, solo parents or suddenly single.

At the time, Sherri she was doing content and some marketing for People Media, and branched out from there, providing content to a number of dating sites.

Last year, Sherri created Single Edition Media. Today she sent out an email update that I wanted to share with you.

This February marks the one year anniversary for Single Edition Media….Over the last 12 months, we worked overtime building a social marketing agency, secured over 100 single female bloggers along the way, and we keep growing. We helped companies such as Jeep, The Fresh Diet,, Vitamin Shoppe, AOL, Bai Beverages, Naked Winery, Biofilm,, Tabatchnick Fine Foods, BistroMD, Silk’n and others, differentiate themselves by delivering engaging content for their brands on blogs, websites, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Why should dating sites and dating bloggers care? A record number of people in the U.S. now live by themselves — and they spend $1.9 trillion a year. Businesses are beginning to take notice.

I waited for years for a singles-only advertising network to show up. It never happened on a large scale. Then Sherri came around and started putting together big singles events in NYC, content for dating sites, fun events like trunk shows and parties.

Not content with glitzy parties and selling high-quality blog posts to top-10 dating sites, she went on to create her own network of top dating bloggers and figured out a way to bring brands and bloggers together for the purpose of marketing to singles.

This required Sherri to provide the strategy and support required to make major brands comfortable with handing over their money and brand so she could put them in front of millions of singles. No easy task if you’re ever worked with large consumer brands. Nobody was doing this in the singles space in any meaningful way until Sherri came around.

So, if you’re a dating blogger, a dating coach or work with singles, check out the Single Edition Media Network. Brands wanting to connect with singles should go here. Make sure to tell her I sent you, maybe she’ll add me to her network :-)

Check out this great article in Forbes about the Solo Economy that mentions Single Edition. Us singles, we’re a multi-trillion-dollar market baby!

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